Identity Manager Configuration Parameters

Configuration reference for the Identity Manager service.


The host and port on which the service runs


See CENM Database Configuration


(Optional) See <no title>


(Optional) Configuration of the local signer for the Network Map service. Useful for debug, testing or when HSM support is not available.


Configuration for key store containing the Network Map service key pair.

file:Path to the key store file containing the signing keys for the Network Map service.
password:Key store password.

Key alias under which the key can be found in the key store.


Password for the ‘keyAlias’ key entry within the key store.


How often the signing process should be triggered (in milliseconds).


(Optional) The maximum time allowed for execution of the signing process (in milliseconds). Defaults to 30 seconds. If the timeout threshold is reached then the signing process will be aborted and wait before retrying. The wait time after each failure is determined by an exponential backoff strategy.


either ISSUANCE or REVOCATION, see below for details of each


Details on how the service will communicate with the rest of the ENM deployment.

port:Port that the service will bind to and other ENM components will connect to.
verbose:(Optional) Enables verbose logging for the socket layer
reconnect:Whether a client should be attempt to reconnect if the connection is dropped.
ssl:See SSL Settings

The main class of the plugin being loaded.


For automatic acceptane of reqeuests, set this to the ApproveAll plugin (“com.r3.enmplugins.approveall.ApproveAll”)


(Optional) a freeform map that allows options to be passed to the plugin class

“issuance workflow”:

(Optional) Configuration for the validation of node version info during publishing of node info to the network map


(Optional - defaults to -1) The minimum platform version of Corda that a node needs to be running to successfully register. The platform version is an integer value which increments on any release where any of the public API of the entire Corda platform changes. Setting this to a value <1 disables this behaviour, meaning the Network Map Service won’t check that platform version is passed from the node.


Whilst this value is optional, picking the correct value is essential for a zone operator as it forms the basis upon which compatibility and consensus are formed on the Network. It also commits potential members to specific versions of the Corda API


(Optional - defaults to false) A boolean that determines whether node info publishing should be rejected for all nodes running an outdated version of Corda that does not support the new PKI (arbitrary length certificate chains).

“revocation workflow”:
 How often to resign the certificate revocation list
crlFiles:A List of CRLs hosted by the Identity Manager in addition to the Revocation List of the certificate signing CSR’s for nodes. This allows the Identity Manager to host the CRLs for those nodes that do not wish to host their own CRL infrastructure at the cost of not being able to revoke TLS certificates issued by the node.