The following are the instructions on setting up the JIRA in order to satisfy minimal requirements from the point of view of the Identity Manager Certificate Signing Request (CSR)/Certificate Revocation Request (CRR) approval workflow. This will enable a user to integrate such JIRA deployment with the CENM CSR/CRR approval workflow plugin.

User Set-Up

Create a user with an administrative permissions and make sure it is assigned to the default groups: jira-administrators and jira-software-users. The following shows an example for a Test user setup.


Project Set-Up

Create two projects (one for Certificate Signing Requests and one for Certificate Revocation Requests) of the type of Process Management. The following shows final settings for both projects.


Project Workflow

Make sure that both projects (CSR and CRR) have the following workflow configured.


Custom fields

Additionally, the following 3 custom fields need to be created and configured in JIRA.

  1. Request ID
  2. Reject Reason
  3. Reject Reason Description


These fields are global and applicable to both CSR and CRR projects. Screen selection (see snippets below) alows for field assignment to a specific project.

The following snippets depict the configuration for those fields:

_images/jira-4.png _images/jira-3.png _images/jira-2.png _images/jira-5.png